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The Great Law Aback All Things

In this transmission, the Star Elders and the Ancient Ones wish to speak about the law and how it is operating through us.

We say to you dear ones that all is well. What we mean when we say this is that there is a law aback of all creation upon which you can place your full trust. It is in placing your trust upon this law that you become sublimated to it that you become the humble servant of the law. And in becoming the humble servant of the law, you simultaneously begin to transmute into that master of creation which is at one with the Great God that you call that One. Now we say this to you because as you are making your way up the path of mastery, as you are climbing the rungs of the ladder in your awareness of the fact that you are always creating no matter what, it is a little bit of a tricky dynamic especially on this planet at this time because you have been taught and conditioned that there is no such law and that you are at the cause and at the effect of those people, places, circumstances, and things which you find above, below, all around about and even within you in your own thinking process. Now, this is where we are coming in to assist because we are recognizing the confusion here and it is a very obvious confusion. In other words, it’s not hard to understand why people are confused about this. It is a simple matter of understanding basic physics.

You see as the emanations come out of creators such as yourself, there is a necessary result in time and space which one then gets to experience. And as this happens over eons and gets compounded and people forget that there is this mighty law aback of all things, then necessarily one begins to wonder why such things are happening to oneself if they are other than completely pleasant. Now the reason they are other than completely pleasant is that one has continued a series of thought vibrations and then collectively gathered to agree upon them and think them out more, causing then experiences to come back which have a little bit of a dull quality to them or less sinful vibrancy in the belief system. And so now instead of jumping out of bed as a pure, divine creator saying “What shall I create today? I am the creator of my life. I am the one whose absolute joy and blessing is to come back to me from my own thoughts, feelings, words, and actions”. Now instead of saying that, you may get up and say “Oh my, I wonder how this day will be. I have to go to a job I don’t appreciate. I’m having all these problems”. And so do you see the difference in the quality of the vibration that’s extended right from the get-go because of the momentum of previous thoughts which created previous experiences, which created belief in those experiences, and which created the belief in an outside world being the cause of your reality.

So in order to reclaim the reins of your horse so to speak and to get back upon the horse of your own mastery of this great and mighty law, it will take a little bit of doing and it will take some understanding. And this understanding comes in the form of you awakening to the fact that you have been creating non-deliberately. You have been creating in a way that is other than conscious of what it is that you are doing and who it is that you are. And so it is as if a little child has made a small mistake. And in the larger grand scheme of things and so you can just think of yourself as a little child and that you have just “Oh I see, I have gone down a path which has caused myself suffering. I now wish to turn that around. I now wish to absolutely begin to learn how to choose my thoughts and feelings, and vibrations instead”. And it is really as simple as that at the very bare bones of it. However, we know that as you make your way through your daily life, it can be a little trickier than that. And this is because your thought, momentum, belief from previous experiences is quite strong and not only is yours great and strong but so is that of your family, your friends, your community, your culture, your family of humanity at large. And so in all these thought-forms, you can imagine as a big, collective, psychic soup that some call the new sphere or the collective unconscious or the collective conscious of this particular planet. And of course, this collective consciousness has all kinds of things in it. So you have to be a bit strong and mighty determined to sort of override these other frequencies which are already in place and to choose those ones instead.

But we say that you, the mighty warriors of light, are truly up for the job and that you have done this before in other systems and that this is in fact what you came here to do. And so not to be hard on yourself at all like when you catch yourself, catching yourself in some kind of a random thought tangent that is not heading where you want, you know be gentle with yourself. Do not judge yourself. Do not cause yourself more despair and more lower vibrations because this mighty law is still at operation even in that moment where you’ve just caught yourself. And so say to the self simply “Self, I love you. I see that we are thinking along old lines and we don’t want to think along those lines anymore. How shall we choose instead? What it is that we really want?” and then do your best to put your attention into that thought stream instead. And this will, in fact, help you to step by step begin to get out of the vibrational sinkhole that you have been captured in so to speak; though it is truly that you have captured yourself. But this realization will dawn more and more as you gain more momentum toward the new thought forms that you put in deliberately and on purpose for your own fulfillment of your own desires.

Now again, there is a body of thought also that has been more or less deliberately attempting to keep this information from people that it has been hiding from you, your God nature, in an awkward attempt to keep you under control. And the truth is that even this attempt cannot bear weight when you yourself are beginning to decide what it is that you want to do as a creator. As so yes it will take a little bit of doing to get out of the situation. However, you are up to the task and there is nothing but love and forgiveness for all beings who have played any of these games over time of manipulation, control, and all these things. It is now being revealed what has been going on and for you to simply look upon it as a creation; it is what is, it is what has been, and it is the mighty law and the creator at work nevertheless regardless of what the result has been. In other words, each being is an extension of the creator in form and therefore each being is attributed with those aspects of the creator of thought and visualization, and word, and action, and feelings. And these emanations go forth from the being causing like to come back to it and if you imagine this happening over time and causing great momentum to occur in certain lines of thinking, you can see how beings get caught up in a web. And they may or may not know how to get themselves out and they may not even know they are in a web. And they may have forgotten that they are one with the creator ultimately even though they are leveraging that law of attraction and they may have gotten a little, you know untoward towards the rest of humanity. And so we must in fact at this point, forgive even that; even that huge, long, giant, crazy, wild ride of history of this planet. In order to wind our way out as a body of humanity of this old patterns, it necessitates a certain number of us to actually turn things around by deliberately choosing thoughts and feelings that are of our liking. And we can do this not only for our personal lives; we can also do this for our collective experience as well.

And we encourage, in fact strongly encourage you all to do these things at this time. Any types of actions that will cause you to come together to play in the vibrations of a new world in your own image of what you would like to create, we strongly recommend that you do this as much as possible. This is where you are going to find your greatest key to unlock your abilities and the ability to shift the energies on this planet most quickly for you have always heard the saying “Where two or more are gathered” and this is in fact, truth; this is again, physics. The universe is set up in a very scientific way and the law of one, the law of attraction, is aback all of it. And it will have its mighty way with you no matter what and always has. Now this reflects back to the understanding of karma as well. And so karma, being that boomerang back to you full of things that you wouldn’t have chosen if you knew you were choosing.

And so we say to you that even this will continue to come back as you are going through your process of recalibrating your understanding and so this is where you must openly love and accept all that is as it is in a space of non-judgment. If you were to judge yourself or others or the circumstances, you would again lower your vibration and cause frequencies to emanate from you which would continue the cycle of bringing back more unwanted stuff from the boomerang. Therefore this is why; this is the purpose of non-judgment. It is not because it’s wrong to judge someone which it’s not a right-wrong game, it’s a physics game. It’s as I claim my mastery of myself and my own vibration I realized that if I am to judge another, I’m going to dampen my own vibration and cause that dampened energy to return to me in my experience. Therefore as a master, I am choosing to step up to the plate of my own mastery. I am choosing to step up to the plate of my own fuller awareness and begin to choose. And I am therefore going to release and set free all beings in my midst and bless them and love them and see in my mind’s eye as I am my brother’s keeper, my sister’s keeper, that I will see them also as whole, well, and complete in their full mastery. For it is as we extend this thought-form of the mastery of humanity out into the world that more and more people will feel those vibrations and respond to them and begin to claim and accept, and study, and learn, and remember that mastery for themselves. And when this happens, then there is no stopping humanity in terms of there is only a new humanity awakened to the right of their creatorship moving forward to design a way of being in the world that feels good to them.

Can you imagine a humanity of millions of people who are absolutely in alignment with a desire for ecological restoration; clean water, fresh air, beautiful healthy soil, beautiful plant life, happy animals around the world, and the natural kingdom singing with joy instead of technologies that are absolutely in alignment with the well-being of the human body and the ecosystem? We can create all of these things as we place our attention on this creation. And the “we” that we are is this love and we say “we” to you because we have had these human experiences and we are one with you; there is no you and I, and there is no me and mine, there is an experience of individuation within the sea of oneness. So in this sea of oneness which is exemplified in the law of one, this is where you begin to recultivate the compassion and the love for everything. And in that compassion and love, you will not wish to do any harming whatsoever to any being. You will only wish for the well-being of all because if you truly wish for well-being yourself, you will emanate that and place it into the field of the oneness as your desire.

You see how it works? And so in this mighty oneness, we are all one and we are expressions of the one and we have our individuation on purpose for divine purposes of sharing and expressing particular aspects of the one and so this is a good and mighty thing. Now as you begin to recalibrate yourself back into this awareness which will allow you to become the mighty co-creators of a new divine world for humanity, we ask that you rest in your awareness every day. It is good. It is good to go into a period of meditation. Now many teach meditation but they may not teach this particular “why and wherefore” of meditation. And what we are saying to you is that it is paramount that you become absolutely aware of your thoughts; that you become absolutely aware of what it is your vibration is doing now. Because beautiful, powerful light-worker, we know and notice that many of you are getting there in your ability to have the book of your thoughts toward a more positive edge, yet you are still not fully cognizant of what it is that you are thinking on a daily basis. And if you were to stop yourself and rest with the very expressed purpose of simply watching your mind and your thoughts, you will begin to notice and track in your awareness how you yourself still have a little work to do in terms of if you have been wondering “Why have I not received all the things of my visions yet”? You know, you will begin to understand why when you sit quietly and watch your mind and its thoughts during the day. And then during that same period as you notice in your mind what it is that you are thinking and how quickly your awareness flips from here to there, you can begin again the process of deliberately bringing your attention back to a certain topic of your desire. Perhaps it is you desire a certain object. Perhaps it is you simply wish to be at peace and in the oneness. Either way, you can begin to train yourself to put your mind and your heart and your being, back into those frequencies which are a match to those things.

So in this way, we invite you to begin to play and we invite you to continue to study and master this law of attraction; this law of one which allows you to be creators of your own reality. We feel that this is the most important thing that you can do for truly it is foundational. It is step one as they say. Steps two, three, four, and five would be to take inspired action upon those thoughts which come about as a result of you having moved your thoughts into a time and space that are absolutely what you desire. And after you have moved your thoughts and feelings into a space of what you desire, then, of course, there is going to be inspiration coming to you about how to achieve that. And so however we say to you that doing step one first is a very good idea.

And so step one again is to place your thoughts and send out feelings of a nature that match that which you desire to create in your world. And it is that you will necessarily learn how to do this enough, over enough time with a lack of resistance so that you will begin to imprint the consciousness of the ether of your own being and of the collective as well with those thoughts that this is what you are going to experience; this is what your life is going to be like, this is what I am now attracting. And in this way, you will begin to shift the vibrations and frequencies more and more and more and more and more and then you will begin to come together with the others and you’ll begin to decide together how it is you wish to experience life on earth. And as you come into that place of harmony, deciding together the beautiful visions and images of what it is that you wish to experience together as a collective of humanity, you will cause more and more and more and more magnetic, electrical energy to be magnified back to you in the form of the visualization of the manifestation of this desire.

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