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On the Precipice of Great Change

A human being is so much more than what we’ve been taught. Bridging earth and sky, our very DNA holds the memories of times gone by. Ancient ancestral lineages stay alive in us. 

How have we forgotten this legacy? How can we not see the gifts within?

The time of recalibration is at hand. We are here, now, ready for the next level.

We have had more patience waiting for the world to wake up from “history” than we’ll even be able to fathom, looking back on this time period later.

The awakening giant of awareness is stirring within us. Nothing will be able to hold back the rush of cosmic love coming to usher in the next act of the grand play.

Many endings are occurring right now, and we are tidying up our consciousness to prepare for the new.

Even while this is happening, the old has not yet flushed entirely away.

We are in the in-between times. 

Humanity is standing up and arising to meet the challenges of the day, have no doubt about it. This will continue to grow and gain momentum as we usher in the new energies of co-creative potential.

Never has there been a more potent time to ask ourselves questions; revisit our values; decide how we wish to be treated; revise our agreements; and manifest our new realities.

The time is now for this deep inner work that is shaking us to the core.

Never forget the Source is within you. We are individuated for a divine purpose, even as we are One in the Prime Source of All Creation. 

Let’s honor our differences as well as our resonances. How do we wish to live and create together as a species of organic beings on a beautiful, tumultuous planet? 

We have much work ahead of us, and we are up to the task. If letting go of some of the conveniences feels hard, we can remind ourselves that a whole new way of being is being cultivated.

In times like these, our priorities are also worth a re-assessment. What do I really need right now, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? What do I really need to let go of right now? How do I wish to show up in the showdown underway?

Godspeed to all of us on the path and on the journey. Know that All Is Well, and never give up.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Chiraya Dharma

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