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The Most Important Message

Someone asked me the other day what would I do if I only had one day to live. Well, I woke up one morning considering this and the truth is, there is one message that I feel is more important than any other message, and this is what I would spend my last day doing:  I would give you this message in full in a simple, clear, joyful, uplifted way to inspire you to know who you are and take the initiative to change your life in a way that will startle you in its beauty. You see, we are in a very interesting time on the planet where there are a lot of things going on that feel uncomfortable or that are downright evil in their appearance, and yet this simple message has to do with how we overcome all of that and live in a way, and think in a way, and breathe in a way, and act in a way that allows us to overcome these things just like the masters of old did. 

Now this most important message has been shared before, yet its importance isn’t diminished by the fact that it has already been said in other ways. Hearing it now from me in this way, you will be able to calibrate your understanding and your comprehension and some lights will go off in your heart and your mind helping you to know and to resonate with the truth of this message and to feel it’s accuracy in every cell of your body. Even if it seems a little preposterous, yet it will reach you in a way that you have never been reached before so that you can truly begin to act on this most simple and most important message. 

The reason I wish to share this most important message is because I love humanity very much. You see I am someone who wants the best for everyone. I want to see this world turn itself around so that everybody on it has the opportunity to truly be happy and the time and the energy to truly make a difference in their own way and to live their lives full of joy, celebrating life itself, celebrating that mystery which created all life and loving one another each and every day. I tell you that this simple message will help everyone to be able to finally do this. It is through my love that I am sharing this today and it is also through my love that I desire to keep it very simple. I will talk in as plain of terms as possible. 

If I say something that you don’t understand, please just take a moment and pause to reflect and tune into that center of your very own heart where The Great Mystery resides. You’ll start to understand the meaning behind it. This great mystery is what some call God or source energy or spirit or Jesus or love or Buddha or Allah or many other names. Here we’ll just call it The Great Mystery because that way we can continue to be reminded that we don’t really know what it is. All we know that it is, and if you wish to replace one of those other words or another name that you have for The Great Mystery here while I’m talking, please do so. It is not important what word you use. The most important thing is that you make that connection with that which is beyond our human self. The most important thing is that you simply make that connection with life itself, with The Great Mystery and that that you love it and that you cleave unto it in every action. We’re going to speak more about what that means because that is a big part of the most important message.

You see, on humans – on earth, humans have been confused and scattered in their energies and attention by those who didn’t want them to know how simple their love is and how simple their life can be when they tune into this great mystery directly. For whatever reason and there are a lot of details, but we don’t really need to go into them here but for whatever reason, this is how it has been and for whatever reason, these same beings have wanted to cause a division between, and among, humanity to stop there from being harmony among us. Again, this is a very long old story, the details of which are nowhere near as important as the solution today. I do understand that our curiosity makes us wonder why someone or some beings would act in that way, but let’s just leave it for now that they did it because that’s what they thought they needed to do to make themselves happy.

Even though that ended up in a lot of suffering for a lot of beings, including perhaps ourselves, even though that has occurred, we are here now and we still have that connection with The Great Mystery. Through that connection we are going to start to turn things around in magnificent ways that we hadn’t even imagined were possible before. Now in order to do this, it’s going to take some diligence. It’s going to take some awareness. It’s going to take some positive mental and emotional effort because we’re going to have to change the habits of how we think and how we speak and how we talk and what we do with our imagination on a daily basis. For you see, these are the tools that The Great Mystery has given us to bring forth reality and experience into our lives. Even though all these other things have gone on, yet and still this truth still exists and it’s the one truth that these entities for whatever reason, have wanted to keep from us.

They have created many different types of religions to make it look like there should be fighting between humans for whose God is the best God. This is the furthest thing from the truth that could ever be imaginable. Now great teachers like Jesus, He said love one another because He knew these things also. He did bring forth this message as well, as did other great beings who have been on this planet before. When Jesus said love one another, He was indicating that we need to drop the mental accusations. We need to drop the old feelings of resentment. We need to drop anything of a negative nature that causes us to dislike, hate, kill, or harm each other in any way. He said this because He knew that, in fact, if we were to do these things, we would lose in the frequency game and become prey to energies that do not have our best interests in mind.

In other words, if we were to truly listen to these master beings such as Jesus who some call God, and who others call a dear friend, elder brother or teacher, or guide, if we were to truly listen to, and integrate this message, then we would learn to turn our thoughts away from anything other than the beauty and love we have for one another. Sometimes this takes a little digging because in the divide and conquer world that we have been experiencing, there have been many opportunities to look at things in a negative perspective and most of us have done this over and over, day by day, year by year in our lives without meaning to and without intending to create harm for ourselves and others. 

Yet because we did not know who we are and how it is we manifest in life, we have done these things and it has, in fact, caused a repercussion. Because you see, all of life is a vibrational experience and what this means is that the energies that come out from us must by law come back to us. You can think of this law as a mighty software platform underneath all of creation and it’s basically running the show behind the scenes, but it is not discriminating the sense that it will tell you what to do or how to be. It simply responds to how you are being, automatically in a scientific way such that it feeds back to you those things that are coming from you. What you give comes back to you and we have also heard this very most simple law.

All these things are related, so here in this little book, I will be doing my best to put the pieces together for you, to help you make it really easy for yourself in getting and integrating this message, this most important message such that you can act on it and overcome these times. Because truly, it may be that things seem to get, what you might call, worse on this planet. Things may come up in the years ahead and the days ahead, the months ahead that are not what we would love to experience and of course, there are lots of things going on on the planet right now that we wouldn’t choose to experience. Even though all of that is going on, there is one simple secret that will allow us to transcend all of this and to eventually return to that place called home where there is no separation. There is no more greed. There is no more fear. There is no more hatred. Where all these things have been overcome and so this simple message is that what we need to do is do our best to overcome it here and now in this very lifetime.

Now some people will think of the idea of Heaven, others will think of the idea of ascension, others may use the word transcendence, others may use – may reference feelings of Heaven on earth. Others may think of Heaven as a faraway place. Some may think that there is a time when all of this is foreordained to happen in these times called Revelation or the end of the Mayan calendar. There are many ways of looking at these end times that we are in and regardless of what religion you believe in, or don’t believe in, you can sense that things are up and heating up on the planet and ramping up in a way that maybe hasn’t felt so intense before. 

What that means is that we have a deep and great opportunity here, and it is as if The Great Mystery itself is watching and waiting to see what we will do, how we will behave and The Great Mystery does not judge anyone. It does not make anyone right or wrong. If you’ve heard the great poem by the mystic Sufi teacher Rumi, he said there is a field out there beyond right-doing and wrong-doing. I will meet you there and you can think of that field as similar to, or the same thing as, The Great Mystery. This Great Mystery loves you, it loves everyone, it loves all beings and there is no condition on that love. It is what you would truly call unconditional love, or eternal love. 

It has nothing to do with romance or needing someone to behave a certain way or punishing someone if they don’t behave a certain way. All of those things are man-made constructs and constructs of the beings who have been holding humanity in a bit of a bind for many years. Some people might think of this as ancient aliens. Others may think of it as Satan or the devil. Others may think of it as negative entities. Whatever it is that you call it or think of it as, it doesn’t really matter. That’s not where our attention needs to be, though having the awareness of these things is positive as long as we don’t dwell on it and make ourselves depressed from it. Because you see, the very energy itself of the opportunity that we have, has to do with focusing and putting our thoughts and our attention on the things we love and the things we like. If we are looking at something that we don’t like, to go ahead and find a way to stay in that feeling of love anyway even through that intense moment of fear, pain, judgment, accusation, rage, or whatever it is that comes up when we witness things that aren’t good. 

When we talk about temptation, the temptation is to lower our frequency and allow our negative emotions to come up and take us over because what that does is it allows these other energies, whatever you wish to call them, to get the upper hand on us. What we don’t want, obviously is for that to happen and so how do we ensure that we glide and ride through these times with many changes and many challenges with as much love and ease and grace and joy as possible, showing The Great Mystery that we’re ready for another way of life and thus enabling ourselves to make that jump and that leap into that other octave of life, whatever you want to call it. Whether you want to call it Heaven on Earth, or ascension, or going to Heaven – you know it doesn’t really matter, again, what you call these things. Just know that they’re there and there is a reality behind that and that you want to be on that boat.

You want to be on the boat that’s going to that next level of life. You want to be in the state of being that allows you to experience that harmonious, sweet, perfect life and there is a way and a pathway for you to do that. That’s the most important thing to know, is that it really doesn’t matter which religion or which belief or which set of ideas you use to frame these things or what you call them. It just matters that you understand their existence. If you do want to be one of the beings who makes that leap, who makes the change, who moves from the lower vibration of life to a higher vibration of life where there is more love, more harmony, more joy all around, then your job is a simple one.

You simply must learn how to love everyone and everything no matter what. You must simply learn how to think a positive thought no matter what is going on. You must learn how to look for something good in every situation. You must learn how to be an unconditional lover just like The Great Mystery itself because when you are like The Great Mystery, then you become one with that great law that The Great Mystery came and gave to us. You start using the tools that The Great Mystery gave us of speech, word, imagination, thought and action in ways that align us and attune us to this frequency of Heaven or ascension.

So you see it’s really not very complex, it’s extremely simple in concept and yet, in action it may feel a little more challenging because we have been trained in a different direction. We have been trained to think in ways that bring our energy down. We have been trained to speak about people, places, and things or even ourselves in ways that are detrimental or less than the good that we are all are or desire. We have been trained to use our imagination through media and songs, imprinting our subconscious in ways that cause imagery in our minds that’s not what we would want. Yet we forgot that The Great Mystery gave us this tool of our imagination to create our own reality and experience of life. This is why it is so very important to start taking the reins of your own horse, so to speak, to start becoming the master of your very own thoughts and words and imagination and yes, it will take a little effort. 

It is the only thing that we need to do. Now the hardest part of this may feel like doing that, acting as if you’re in love, feeling love, being positive when really bad things are going on in front of you. Now how did those bad things get there? Again, they’re the culmination of many eons of conditioning in our ancestors and if you believe in past lives. You know perhaps our past lives have also had conditioning that’s still here in our energetic template if you will. It’s in our makeup, our spiritual makeup, our soul makeup. If you don’t believe that, that’s fine, no worries. Basically, you’ve also been conditioned in this lifetime. You’ve also had your parents who were conditioned by their parents, teaching you things and guiding you to think a certain way. You’ve also had your schoolteachers and your schoolmates and your culture at large and all the media produced in the culture guiding you and directing you to think a certain way.

When you think a certain way, it causes you to feel a certain way and it causes you to imagine in a certain way. And what did we say all of these tools are? Well, they’re gifts of The Great Mystery, the imagination, the thought, the word, the deed. These things are all gifts of The Great Mystery for us to be like The Great Mystery and to create like The Great Mystery to bring forth experience into our own lives in that same way that God can create. You can see how we are innocents in the sense that we have not been taught properly and we have not known these things and the messages through the religions have been either watered down or mixed with a whole bunch of other stuff that didn’t feel good about punishment, about being wrong or not being good enough from the beginning and all these things that just don’t feel good.

It’s hard to really latch onto the fullness of this very simple, most important message when you’ve got a whole bunch of muck-muck going on in the same set of teachings. That is why one of my teachings says we always have to look for the needle in the haystack. What that means is the confusing times that have been on the earth for whatever reason, there are great truths but many of them are going to be hidden inside of a mix of confusing ideas from whatever source they come from. As we look for the needle in the haystack, we will be able to sort through and find that core foundational guiding template or truth that will help us access this most important thing, this most important message and begin to utilize it to help ourselves, each other and our planet.

Once again, let’s talk about the great teachings. The great teachings say to forgive everyone over and over and over again. What would that mean in this light? Basically that would mean that if you were to hold someone in a lack of forgiveness, you would be simultaneously holding yourself and them in a lower frequency. Now they could overcome your judgment if they were diligent in monitoring their own thoughts and feelings, yet they’re going to be imprinted since we’re all connected by your unconscious or conscious thoughts and energies projected toward them. This is what is meant by the saying, “you are your brother’s keeper.” In other words, as you hold another in mind with certain thought forms, it’s going to impact them in some way that they will either have to overcome or that will begin to act on them in a way that will cause, be causative to life experience for them if they don’t know how to overcome it.

Now if you’re thinking positive, uplifting, joyful thoughts of harmony, seeing the best in them, seeing their true spirit, letting go of anything that they might have done that came out of this age of separation that came out of their very own conditioning which they didn’t have control of, you’re not only going to give yourself a better chance of being in that state of Heaven, but you’re also going to give them a better chance of doing it as well. Be the elder brother or sister and simply let go, let go of them, let go of the need to make them wrong, correct them or think that they’re bad, you’re not only going to correct your own vibration, This is why we say you are your brothers and your sister’s keepers. Keep that in mind. This is a very important facet of the most important message. 

Forgive everyone. Let go. No one here meant to get into the state of confusion or lack of harmony or disruption that they got into. It happened for a large variety of reasons beyond their conscious control and they were not taught how to behave in a way that would always lift you up and that would always lift themselves up and that would always be harmonious. If we judge them, blame them or hold them in the state of lack of forgiveness, then we’re only going to diminish our own opportunity to feel that exhilarating joy which brings us close to The Great Mystery and will also make it harder for them to do it. This is – you can see how very important this simple part of the message is. 

The most important message is that you are to be happy and to be in a state of love and gratitude, a state of unconditional love. Being in the state of gratitude and unconditional love is being at one with The Great Mystery because this is how The Great Mystery is. Again, if you go back to the ancient teachings, it says to love God with all your heart, soul, strength and might and to cleave unto God or to attune or align with the source, or to sit and feel within the center of your very own being that truth. Because where is God? Where is Heaven? Where is Source? Oh, it is within you. It is inside of you. As we decide that we’re going to be like this source, we’re going to be like God, we’re going to be like The Great Mystery that is the same as cleaving unto it. That is the same as loving it with every fiber of our being and being at one with it. 

This is the ultimate secret. This is the biggest, most important, most profound message of all because everything comes from this. You can start to see why and again in the ancient teachings, it says to seek God first, seek Heaven first and all else will be added unto you. All else, not just a few things. Everything, so you can see that this is the single most important thing that you can do. The problem has been that the religions have taught in ways that make some people hate the religions and other people be afraid of God, and other people try to do it out of fear. None of these places or stances are going to get you into that vibration where you’re at one with this Great Mystery with God. You see you need to transcend and overcome all of these old fears and beliefs and to realize that The Great Mystery or God or source or whatever you call it is absolute unconditional love. 

It is absolute unconditional joy and that it loves you as a creature or a creation of itself. It loves you as an extension of itself that it created. Your life force is the same life force as this Great Mystery. There is no other life force. It is all coming from here and yet, here in this free-will zone as we might call it, we have the right and the ability to choose whether we’re going to be in alignment with that love, with that Great Mystery, with that source, with God, or if we’re going to go against the grain and be haters or conditional lovers or people who judge others or people who complain and keep our frequency low. We have the right to do this, but we were never really taught clearly this distinction and this rule of life. This simple message, the most important message is here to tell you and to share with you and to remind you lovingly and kindly and graciously that you are loved; you are at one with The Great Mystery. When you love, when you become an unconditional lover of all life, no matter what, when you keep your vibration positive and stay happy, that you are, in fact, at one, atoned with this Great Mystery and you will, therefore, reach that state come call Heaven, others call ascension.

The Great Mystery loves you. It loves all of us equally no matter how badly we may have been behaving towards ourselves or the planet or the animals or one another. Our own healing, which some might call salvation or redemption, our own healing comes from this ability to go into a state of unconditional love. Others might call it a state of surrender and so what we’re doing is we’re surrendering all of our old baggage, all of our old claims to fame, all of our old desire to be the one who knows everything, all of our own desire to be right over to this Great Mystery. You can see how surrender could seem challenging to do if we’re holding onto all of these old ideas about how life works. Surrendering may feel like a negative thing if we don’t understand the true indication of it. 

Another meaning of the word surrender could be allowing. It could be letting go. It could be forgiving. It could be giving up the old for the new. It could be opening our hearts to the love within, allowing that love within to melt away the conditional experiences that we’ve had, the conditional judgments that we hold against ourselves or others because you see, those things can’t go with us into this state of mind and being and heart and state of experience that we call Heaven or ascension. It’s an inside job and each and every one of us must trap ourselves to learn how to be in such a state that will allow us to achieve the mastery called ascension or Heaven. It is not handed to us on a silver platter as some think. Instead, it is earned by our own effort towards mastering this experience of unconditional love, love without conditions which is the heart of true kindness.

Forgiveness lives in this place alongside with it because where there is unconditional love; there all is accepted as it is through compassion. This compassion contains within it the understanding of what things are the way they are and how they got this way and so when we come to realize and comprehend that things are the way they are and people are the way they are and things got this way because of a very long line of unconscious and conscious thinking, vibrating feeling and doing on behalf of millions of people, millions of people through eons of time. We can see that the compounded energetics of these frequencies that have been put out have to, by law, come back to everyone even though they were not aware that they were doing that.

This is where true compassion lies and so it is also contained in wisdom because through compassion we gain wisdom. We gain the wisdom to look upon the world and worldly experiences and the great suffering that many have undergone and that perhaps we have undergone with that knowing and that heart of compassion that allows us to let go and to be part of a calling that is going to help to soften this pain and to soften this suffering. Have you ever noticed that when you are being judged it feels much harder to change? You may have also conversely noticed that if you are judging another, they seem to keep bumbling around in the same energies and they may even say things to you such as it’s hard for me to do the right thing when I’m with you for some reason. I don’t know why. 

Well, if you’re judging them, just like we were speaking about earlier, they’re going to have a more difficult time especially if their energies are already pointed in that other direction. So through these understandings we truly come to the birth of compassion which contains in it the great seed of wisdom and it is with wisdom and compassion as companions on the pathway to ascension or Heaven that we really begin to do what it is we each came here to do at a very, very core level. We begin to be of assistance in ways that cause eons of suffering to begin to dissolve more quickly than we can imagine. So you can see how important it is that we learn these things now, not only for ourselves but also for those around us and for the world at large.

You could say we are in a time sequence now where there seems to be much at stake and many of the things that are actually at stake on what you might call a spiritual or energetic level may not truly be apparent.  Yet it is true that we may feel it and we may know that there is something we must do, there is some change we must make, there is some action we must take, there is some new way of being that is necessary for us to access, leverage and walk in in these times. Until now, it may have been difficult to comprehend what that new way was. Well in this most important message that I have to share in this lifetime, I will say that the answer to that question is simply this. We will ascend and aspire and reach those states called Heaven, reach that new place, that new world. We will reach that fifth dimension or whatever it is that you call it as we focus on kindness, as we focus on unconditional love, as we focus on the awareness of each thought, each word, each feeling, each thing we’re imagining and choose consciously, step by step, moment by moment to shift to a higher octave if we are ever dipping below our levels of happiness and joy because of those thoughts, imaginings, feelings or actions.

This includes how we feel when we witness what is going on in the world no matter how dire or simple it may seem. We sometimes feel that the only way to be in Heaven is to be good or please some kind of a god or being outside of ourselves or to follow a certain set of rules. If you really think about it, you can sense or feel that those energies are based on fear and if it is, in fact, true that our universe and our world is vibrational in nature, then you can see that that fear frequency, as well-intended as it may be, would not succeed in helping us transcend these worldly challenges. Instead, they would keep us down in an octave of frequency and vibration that would lead to further suffering. So it is only logical to begin to comprehend the true nature of these ancient teachings on unconditional love such that we can leverage their power now to take direct and deliberate control of our own vessel, our own mind, our own thoughts, our own awareness, our own feelings, and our own actions. As we become willing to accept everything as it is and without trying to fix or change it, we can actually become instruments of that very change we formerly sought through pushing against or trying to tear things down, making others wrong.

We cannot change the way things have been or what has happened in the past. What we do have control over is our own response to current conditions, past conditions and experiences and situations we encounter in life. The most important message is that in these moments where there is a temptation to dip into a lower frequency, to dip into judgment, fear, blame, shame, guilt, remorse, sadness, grief, fear, hatred, bigotry, or other conditions from our past that that is the moment when we must use our diligence, our willpower and most importantly our connection with The Great Mystery to overcome those things and to choose another pathway of thought and feeling and action. As we do that with diligence over and over, day by day, we will start to create a new pattern that will become a match to the energies of these higher plains we seek to enter and experience. 

You see, it’s all physics. It’s vibrational. If we are mucking around in energies and thoughts and feelings that do not match this experience of Heaven or ascension that we desire, then we will not be able to be there. It will still exist, it is still a reality, it will always be there and there will always be another opportunity to get there, however, we will not experience it soon in this time frame in which there is a great opportunity to make, what you might call a leap. It is that there is a sense of expectancy, a sense of possibility and what might sometimes feel like a sense of urgency in truly leveraging these understandings now for our own benefit of all. I have heard it said by a great master spiritual teacher that when you reach for love, even when you’re feeling fear or hatred or anger or jealousy, in those moments, even though it may feel challenging and difficult and you may or may not know whether you have succeeded in releasing those lower frequencies, nevertheless in those moments, that is the most powerful time for you in your change and your spiritual growth. 

You can just keep that in the back of your mind and in your back pocket so when things do feel challenging and you strive and reach upwards for a higher thought, for a better feeling, for a more loving consciousness, when you ask that Great Mystery to help you in reaching and attaining that, in that moment you are doing the most powerful act that you can do in this lifetime. Even if the clouds haven’t parted and you don’t feel as if you’re in the clear, you can know that you have done your mighty work of stepping forward into that next level. 

We have what are called samskaras or neural pathways in our physiological brain in our body and these pathways are electrical impulses that have been conditioned from experience, sometimes eons of experience. They literally create little grooves and rivulets in the brain like a river where energy can flow more easily. That is why it is so important when we do choose to overcome them, because there may be deep rivulets, they may have been created as deep as they are for many, many, many years of patterning, of thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same feelings and having the same responses. Some of these pathways might have even been caused while you’re still in your mother’s womb. This again is where great compassion is due to ourselves and one another because we are not trying to stay in those patterns. It is almost as if it is uncontrollable sometimes. 

Once again, in understanding and comprehending what it is that is happening and why it feels so hard to get out of those energy patterns, to overcome those samskaras, to change those neural pathways, this is where the peace truly comes in. So that we can simply do the work of leveraging the power of our awareness, watching our thoughts and watching our feelings so that we get a clue when we’re going down deep into one of those holes. Each time that we lift up out of it and choose another thought and choose a better thought and choose a higher thought and choose a nicer feeling and decide to divert our attention away from that thought stream, you’re going to start building new positive, samskaras, positive neural pathways, positive energetic patterns that will eventually build and grow and become those deep strong rivers that will make it easy to experience the things we do want to experience.

This is why it simply takes practice, awareness, and diligence no matter what seems to be appearing in our lives. If we let the experiences coming out around us drive us or make us feel other than harmonious, then we’re going to be giving in to these pathways of the past and allowing them to get deeper. In saying these things, it is not my intention to make this seem hopeless or at all by far, because we can do it and we can overcome and when these things are really deep and really strong inside of us, it is most important to reach for that spiritual part of ourself. That part of our self that includes, yet transcends every time, every space, every person, every place throughout all time, space and dimension which we are calling here, The Great Mystery. Because we can rely on that, we can rely on our direct connection with this Great Mystery to help us have the strength to overcome these temptations back into those formerly carved out rivulets of our mind.

As the great master teacher said, ye are gods and the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. And so it is that Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree declaring that he would give up all teachers and all teachings and sit under that tree until he became enlightened. When Mara illusioned this being of negative force that wanted to keep him in tract flung all kinds of temptations into his mind, Buddha overcame them one by one by keeping his attention centered on that Great Mystery, on that love, on that light within inside of himself. He was able to manage his focus such that the only thing that he was contemplating was this Great Mystery inside of himself and in that way, Mara became enraged because he was not able to take the Buddha down. The Buddha had mastered his thoughts and his feelings and his focus and his awareness. 

Then Mara screamed at him and said but no one will know that you have done this, you have no witness, therefore it is of nothing. This is when you will see the Buddha sitting in the statues and he reaches his hand down and touches the Mother Earth and says the earth will be my witness. So she was and so he achieved his ascension. He achieved that state of Heaven on earth and he and the master Jesus and other masters have all said and you too can do these things. And you will do even greater things than I have done. These beautiful teachings have been embedded in these religions and they are all pointing towards the same self-mastery that each and every person has as a possibility available within inside themselves and their lifestream. 

Let us let go of the old judgments that cause us to think one religion is better than another, one teacher is better than another, one path is better than another because truly they’re all pointing to this same Great Mystery, this unfolding life within us that if we choose to accept these core basics, simple truths and act on them with diligence in our daily lives, we too will be able to achieve this mastery and experience this ascension and this Heaven within, this Heaven above, this Heaven on earth. 

Let’s talk about this idea, this saying, this teaching that you are gods and that the Kingdom of Heaven is inside of you. Does this mean that right now we are absolutely at one and the same as the Great Mystery? Capable of doing all things? Perhaps not. Why, though? It is because of our conditioning and our belief system. The truth of who we are never changes. It is always true that that god is inside of us, that we are part of this great life, that we are one in the same with the source of all life. Yet in our aspect as a human being with so much neural patterning and conditioning, we do not reach the level of awareness or ability that allows us to express or experience that as Truth now. That is why there is a process of enlightenment, a process of at-onement or atonement, a process of healing and a process of ascension. 

At the core of our being we always are that which is. We always are this Great Mystery and it is always here with us for in fact, there is nothing else. Yet in our experience, we feel as a little child, lost or astray, away from the home of our great parent. Just as in the story of the prodigal son or daughter, we have wandered far from home and forgotten who we are. We have simply gone astray in a way of our own choosing that has taken us into pathways that caused ourselves suffering, adventure and all kinds of great experience in life. Yet during all those experiences, there has always been a yearning, a longing, a deep desire to experience what we call home, to feel that love beyond all comprehension of human love.

It is as we take up the torch of our own willingness to aspire higher in our abilities to leverage the power of our thoughts, words, feelings, imaginations, and deeds that we begin to make our way back to our father, mother, gods’ house, to the house, to the home of that Great Mystery, to Heaven. As we near the doors of Heaven, of this place, of this kingdom, queendom of God if you will, we may come in as beggars and then become servants to eventually understand that we are the son or daughter of that mighty one. It is only through these eons of journeys that we eventually even shed that limited understanding and find ourselves once again in full awareness of ourselves as this god-being, this one essence of life itself. It is the only life. There is nothing wrong with the place where we find ourselves on the path. 

If we are the past of the lost and the stray wanderer, that is a beautiful place to be because there is a yearning that is guiding us at that stage of the journey and the more we trust our intuition and follow our insights, the closer we’ll get to that door where finally we can reach out and beg to the creator for that assistance and that love and that little morsel that we need, that reminds us a little bit and gives us some comfort of who we are at home. Then once we’ve overcome and been nourished as the beggar by a givingness of this creative principle through our humility and our asking, then perhaps within us will emerge a desire to serve and to be of service. We’ll start feeling the power of that love and that mightiness and that magnificence, and our only desire will become to serve it and to serve all through it.

We come to recognize ourselves as the servant and this is a beautiful stage of the journey. Nothing to be judged or ashamed of at all. It is simply a stage of our awakening process. Then when we sit upon our father’s knee and realize that this great mighty being is in fact, that which birthed us, we are more than just a servant. We are also the prodigy and seed and heir of this great and mighty kingdom of our cosmic parent, the Great Mystery, God, Source, Love. Once we realize ourselves as inheritors of that kingdom, our full self-worth is rekindled and we know that we can ask for, and claim, anything it is that we desire in life and that those gifts given to us by the creator of thought, word, imagination, feeling, and deed are the very tools through which we can learn to be like our parent.

Then we find ourselves on this stage of the path where we are practicing. We are practicing being like this Great Mystery, being like God by consciously utilizing the tools given to us by consciously practicing words of power and beauty and love by thinking thoughts that are aligned with the desires of our heart, by noticing our feelings and making sure we’re focusing on things that make us feel good, by noticing the pictures that are flowing in our head and tracking whether they are leading us towards what we desire or away from it and by then seeing how our resulting actions reflect those thoughts, feelings, imaginings, and words. If our actions seem harsh or unkind or are punishing to our self and others in any way, we can simply notice that we had some thoughts we must not have caught that led to that action and we simply love ourselves, pick ourselves back up again and start practicing once again. For at this stage of the game, we have noticed that we truly are not required to judge ourselves. 

In fact, to do so would simply cause the struggle to be longer and so we let go of the need to judge, not only ourselves but all others because we recognize that all others, whether they’re at the stage of the wayward wanderer or the beggar or the servant or the child, that they are on the same journey home and our only desire at this stage is to encourage them.  To assist them by loving them and accepting them just the way they are. For whatever reason that they got there in that time and to hold a space for them and to know with them and to know with the Great Mystery, that inside of each and every one of them is that same love, is that same spark, is that same light. Yes, I see it now you’ll say to yourself. God is inside of that person. Love is the very essence of this being. How could I do anything but love and cherish and recognize and honor that within them? 

I am so grateful that I no longer feel the need or desire to judge them or put them down for seeming to be less than I would have them be in this moment. Instead, I will pick up that torch of my knowing of that deep awareness of my heart, that I cherish and love this being just as the Great Mystery does and that I will be like that cosmic parent, loving them unconditionally, watching them, reaching out a hand if it is appropriate and simply appreciating them just where they are so that they can take the next step and the next step and the next step and before you know it, just like a small child, they’re crawling and then toddling and then walking and then running and then sprinting and cart-wheeling and mastering their body in so many magnificent ways. For you see, the seed of this growth is already planted deep within us. It is a part of our essence. It is a God-seed and each and every one of us has the timing and the life-experience and the amount of sun and nurturing and watering that we each have access to in the form of the positive thoughts around us to help us unfold these things. 

It is that each and every flower shall blossom and grow in its own time and its own way. Let us be good gardeners and till the soil of our own mind and our own heart and cultivate the garden of our community with love in our hearts and acceptance for everyone as they are. For it is in this way that we will be living the truth of this most important message, this ancient message that has been delivered in so many ways through so many beings including our great beloved, Jesus Christ, also known as Yeshua. Then we can truly follow these teachings. Then we can truly say that we are students of the Most High, that we are becoming adept at living these spiritual truths actually instead of just knowing them and then acting in whatever way we want, thinking that is of no consequence. 

That is what we call hypocrisy when we know the truth, yet we act in a different way and hold ourselves above and aloof from all else. Again not to blame and judge, yet to take a true look at it and to say that if we are to aspire and come into this spiritual maturity that we each know is within our very bosom and our very hearts and minds and souls to achieve, then we must actually do these things that we know to do and that the great master teachers have said we must go within our very own heart, our very own mind and decide for ourselves that we’re going to do it for ourselves because we want to, because we choose to, because we have had enough experience to realize the goodness and the value of it. There is no better time than now to begin. It is never too late and if we stumble and fall, that is okay. It is very understandable based on the circumstances of this world in which we find ourselves. 

All we have to do is decide that we’re going to pick ourselves back up again and as one of my beloved teachers said to me, never ever ever give up on ourselves. God and the Great Mystery will never give up on us. Why should we give up on ourselves? Even if things seem so extreme, we can always find a way to reach toward that creator, that love that’s inside of our hearts to help us make the decisions that will lead us to a better pathway.

It is truly my pleasure to be delivering this most important message that I have to give in this lifetime. I am grateful for the opportunity to share these things with you and I do hope that they help you on your path. Feel free to listen to them over and over, or read them again and again and also to use your intuition to find the other people, places, things, books and experiences which will continue to confirm these truths for you as you walk on your path. I celebrate you. I recognize you and I know who you are. You are the child of the Great Mystery, at once a god and a being of love and a playful child on your way towards a greater life than we may have ever even imagined. We are also on this path in these crucial times upon the earth where understanding and applying these simple truths could never be more important.

It is with great joy and exhilaration that I deliver this to you, knowing that the seed is sparked inside of your heart, mind, and soul and will continue to grow and flourish through your own perfect timing in truly living all of these truths. Remember your consciousness is the powerful consciousness of the creator itself embodied as you. You have been endowed with the gifts of thought, imagination, feeling, word and deed which cause experience to come back and be reflected into your life based on the nature of those thoughts, feelings, imaginations, words, and deeds. As you begin to leverage that knowledge by focusing your awareness of that which you desire, choose, and love and by letting go of the judgment of self and others, you will find that your life turns in the direction of your pleasing and your choosing and also to remember that the compounded energies of the past times may be playing themselves out in front of you, either in your life personally from your own experience or in the global scenario at large. 

Remember that this is the ultimate test, the greatest challenge and the moment of rightness has arrived for us to overcome that challenge by remembering that at truth, at core there is only this love and that all that we are witnessing is but expressions of past energetics now playing out. If we push against them, make them wrong, condemn them, ourselves or others, we only join that team which is on a downward spiral and as we access our power of compassion and unconditional love for all it is, as it is, we aspire higher into those realms of Heaven and ascension and self-mastery that are our true divine birthright. I truly do celebrate our victory in advance.

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