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Therefore, Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

When we improve our self image, our circumstances will also improve naturally, in due course. As within, so it will become in the outer world. As above, so below. As the thoughts in our head “are” in the “above” realm, so the manifestation in the material world “below” will “be”.

Many times, we have conditioning that tells us, we “are” a certain way. It seems unchangeable. But when we change our mind about ourselves, our entire world will follow suit in due time. Many of the world’s great mystics and teachers have reminded us of these truths over thousands of years. This is one of the universal truths all individuals will one day encounter and reckon with. It is a reckoning because, to realize this truth, one’s entire mindset needs to change drastically to accommodate its reality.

The process of undergoing this change can feel like a “tower moment.” All the former beliefs come crashing down. During this process, people often need support to move through it with the grace of a knowledgeable person. The best guides and healers will always bring you back to yourself, where the power lies, to help you further strengthen your own intimate Source connection on your path to full self realization.

Reach out if you are in a place where this kind of assistance could be a blessing to you.

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