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Prayer Activation for Balance in Compassion and Discernment

Message of the Day

Creator of All Creators, Being of All Beings, Light of All Lights, Love of All Loves,

Thank you for guiding us from within our very own hearts.

We open our hearts to your Love, Light and Truth. 

As we awaken more each day, help us remain compassionate while also being keenly discerning.

Help us forgive others while setting appropriate boundaries to protect our well being.

Help us honor our own innate gifts and find the best ways to share them with humanity and the earth, while remaining humble and kind, seeing and honoring others’ gifts as well.

Help us heal up from our past wounds, patterns and traumas so we can also lift others up.

Help us navigate these times with your Grace, Insight and Peace. 

Thank you for all of our blessings, and most especially, thank you for our challenges, which make us stronger and remind us to stay closer to You.

Thank you for helping us to keep our hearts open, keen to feel love, while we also keep our eyes open, keen to see truth.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

So Be It, and So It Is.

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