The Process of Ending Suffering

I responded this morning to a couple of friends who have been grappling with various aspects arising on the spiritual path of what we call awakening. And it occurred to me these thoughts might also be useful for you, potentially. So as always, please tune in and contemplate what is here, as you feel…

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Therefore, Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

When we improve our self image, our circumstances will also improve naturally, in due course. As within, so it will become in the outer world. As above, so below. As the thoughts in our head "are" in the "above" realm, so the manifestation in the material world "below" will "be". Many times, we…

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Visionary Stewardship Interview: Golden Threads Series #1

Join hostess Radha Nilia interviewing me to discuss Visionary Stewardship. We step into our highest destiny path as we take responsibility for our planet and our lives from within. This is part 1 of our interview series on universal spiritual wisdom with the lovely host Radha Nilia on her Galactic Goddess Podcast!

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