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And All Is Well

Message of the Day

All is well. The regular proclamation of this statement soothes the mind and reminds us of the everlasting truth. While things on earth are a bit sketchy, frightening even, we can reclaim our peace of mind moment to moment by proclaiming and knowing, “All is well.”

As an awakening body of planetary consciousness, we have come from many places to be here. Our ability to rest in the knowing that All Is Well through these tribulations is one of the keys of continuing to manifest our personal and collective well-being. 

We proclaim what we wish to experience. 

Many things that are proposed to be true are not, and many things that are proposed to be false are not. The information war is in full swing. This makes it a bit confusing to sort out what’s what.

While we are riding through this blind spot, due to the information war, we are being plunged into ourselves and our connection to Source. This is as it should be, and is very potent medicine for us.

It is paramount that we recondition our minds, hearts, and bodies to rest, recalibrate and “know” from within. Never has our intuition played a more important role in our lives!

The time is now to turn within, tune into our Source, God, Prime Creator, Divine Principle, The Suchness – whatever you choose to call the Ultimate Reality 🙂

This is exactly the Grand Design behind the chaos. We’re being tricked, cajoled, pushed over the edge into our own inner knowing. Let’s embrace this and free-fall into the loving arms of Source Consciousness.

In the Ultimate reality, All Is Well. We are Eternal Beings. We are living on the precipice of major changes.

It has been foretold that many positive changes are coming to the earth plane. The “ascension” to higher consciousness is underway. The entirety of the lower frequency based systems, actions and individuals who have no intent or ability to shift into a higher consciousness, are being revealed for the reckoning.

We always knew this would happen, we just didn’t know what it would look like, we didn’t know what it would feel like.

Join me in embracing the knowing and making the proclamation that All Is Well.

By doing this, we make it so, moment by moment, despite evidence to the contrary.

This doesn’t mean we ignore what needs paying attention to or avoid necessary action we are called to. No. And —

We are here to navigate ourselves, our families and communities through the gateway portalway into the new. 

The signs and singals of this “great overhaul” have been here for decades. Some of us have been more aware of these than others.

Trust in yourself, trust in your Source, trust in your High Self, the planet, and Life Itself to guide us through these times. And all is well.

Many blessings and much love,

Chiraya Dharma

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