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All Grace


Are you feeling the quickening of the moment of revelation? All that has been hidden, is being revealed. We are traveling very fast now, through a portalway-gateway into a new earth reality. Hold on for the ride as All Grace is here to support us.

Leverage this beautiful prayer if you feel so called, to calibrate yourself up to the next level of activation and energization for the work ahead. TeamEarth is on it.

Creator of All Creators, Being of All Beings, Light of All Lights, Love of All Loves, We are so GRATEFUL for your HEALING LOVE. We are so GRATEFUL for your HEALING LIGHT.

We on Team Earth are SO HUMBLE to feel the LOVE that we ARE in YOU together as ONE! Keep us in Your Way (Our Way), Keep us in Your Light (Our Light), Keep us in Your Truth (Our Truth) – And Guide us through the Gauntlet with ALL GRACE!!

The Light of God Surrounds Us, the Love of God Protects us. Wherever we are GOD IS and All Is Well! God-Source-Love.

We are At One (atoned) with our High Selves in Source, now and always and in all ways.

All that which needs to be cleared, is cleared. All that which needs to be healed, is healed. All that needs to be forgiven, is forgiven.

So be it, and so it is! ❤️

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