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Living in the New Now

In our innate wisdom and through our natural intelligence, with our awareness of our feelings, we can know, sense, see, feel, hear, smell which media, posts, comments, information, viewpoints, opinions, and shares carry a frequency or vibration we resonate with.

Is there a gem in there for us? Or do we wish to turn our attention elsewhere? Maybe there is something we need to hear, or a new piece of knowledge that helps us put the pieces together, even though it is not the brightest picture. 

Or maybe it’s the moment to shift our attention.

Let’s turn up the dial on this awareness now, and in every now moment, calibrate to the vibrations of our choosing, where are true alignment lives.

If something doesn’t resonate as true or beneficial to engage with in the moment, we have the ability, the capacity and the divine right to shift our awareness and engage with things that do.

This is different from turning a blind eye towards things we must necessarily become aware of as part of our path of awakening and healing, which will cause positive correction in our lives and in our world. Sometimes learning or knowing something negative can have a positive impact or outcome. 

Can we feel how we are able to play with the energy? Call the right info to us? Redirect and pivot our attention where it needs to go to fulfill our own Quest Ions? 

These Search Particles (quest ions) bubbling up within us have a trajectory of their own, and will be fulfilled as we ask with a loving, soft wide focus gaze. Neither in resistance, nor in naivete´, we find the balance within that allows us to stay strong while navigating these wild times.

The realization of this awareness blends with the willingness to steer our consciousness. We hop onto the seat of the Inner Discernment which will set us free to Create Sacred Space of our own. This is our natural heritage and birthright.

With the saved energy from this awareness and shifting of attention, we now have more mojo to focus on what we are creating into the new now. 

As we realize negative truths can be part of our healing, we let go of the blocking energies of denial and cognitive dissonance from believing lies. 

When we begin to feel our inner connection, we discern when it’s time to shift attention because that thought stream would only bring us down.

There is not a cut and dry template for all to follow. 

This is rather pointing to the full activation of that Inner Guidance System within each of us that knows exactly what is perfect for us, in the next moment and the next moment and the next moment, of our awakening, healing and recalibration.

Never give up. 

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

Shine, Shine, Shine.


Gracious Gratitude to the All Knowing One of Which We Are All A Part

🙏 🙏 🙏

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