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Our Role as Visionary Stewards: Healing Our Relationship with the Animals 30 Generations Back!

These are potent times, which means, we get to activate our inner potency to change from the inside out! We are remembering that our world is a reflection of our consciousness. This means, humanity can steer the ship of its life with alacrity and calm. We have a major opportunity right now to step up to the plate of our spiritual maturity and begin to “steer” the ship of our lives, communities and worlds with the power of our imagination combined with the Eternal Love of Our Prime Creator, some call God and Source. Truly, the king-queendom of heaven is within us!

The Mantle of Truth above our heads says, we are the ones we have been waiting for. And let us not wait any more! Every day, I encourage each of us to dedicate some beautiful, playful, coherent time to manifesting your reality through the power of meditation, prayer, imagination, feeling and vibration. When we do this in concert with, and in connection with our Highest Self, our Source, we feel the beautiful filaments of light guiding us into the most wonderful new realities and energetics. Carving out this sacred time in our days can become our A#1 priority! We impact the noosphere — the morphogenetic field around the planet — by deciding we WILL step up to the plate and become the Visionary Stewards we have always been meant to become. We “cast our vote” for the good stuff when we stay in this potent, loving imaginal sphere on behalf of all beings!

In light of this, we did a very powerful prayer and meditation for the animals in this week’s meditation recording. This includes an ancestral lineage clearing 30 generations back to heal our relationship with the animals and humans. I highly recommend listening to this several times until you get that the healing is “complete” for your lineage!

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