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All sessions will take place via Zoom. This will allow us to easily record our sessions as well as be visible to one another. If you need to dial in via phone or don’t want to be visible via video on zoom, that is fine.

Advanced Energy Clearing Sessions & Packages

  • 1 hour 30 minutes @ $180.00
  • Discounts for 3- and 6-packs

Are you dealing with undesirable relationship, money, health, family or career issues? Do you feel a need to resolve these energies and shift into your higher alignment? I’ve got 30+ years experience helping people potently shift these old energetics. Immediate shifts are the norm.

Sessions are:

• Strictly confidential

• Custom-tailored to your needs

• Powerful clearings for immediate and ongoing positive shifts

This special healing work developed over a lifetime of practice, development and study helps people untangle the knots of the mind which show up somatically in the body. We also work with what I’d call “radical forgiveness” to dissolve subconscious debris from past “karma.” This is thought and feeling residue from past events in four levels: past lives, ancestral lineages, early childhood, and worldly, collective consciousness and mass media imprinting. Clearing this residue from the subconscious mind allows people to get free of looping and emotional triggers which disallow a clear flow of thought and vibration. When we’re free and clear and know what we want, we can manifest more readily. We can actually “hold a thought” without waffling 🙂 Sometimes the work will result in immediate physical changes though that is more rare, people always feel better, lighter, more able to navigate their lives and create relief in situations, make better decisions, etcetera. I also read the Akashic as Source or the High Self directs for the purpose of recalibration, so interesting info comes through to assist in clearing the way.

Manifesting & More

  • 1 hour @ $120.00
  • Discounts for 3- and 6-packs

Would you like one-on-one support and training for manifesting your desires? Are you ready to upgrade your manifesting skills with proven techniques? I’ve got a couple solid decades under my belt of solid experience and coaching for manifesting. This is deep work which becomes a skill you can use throughout your lifetime to continue to manifest your desires. Being held in a powerful private session to do the work helps to keep your focus switched on which is absolutely necessary for success. Additionally, there are specific techniques without which people tend to flounder in manifesting. I’m always delighted to help people do the work, keep the focus and experience the results.

Consultations, Decision Making & Advice

45 minutes @ $90.00

Consult with Chiraya Dharma on the topic of your choosing including: advice, help with decision making, and/or how to proceed in manifesting something or clearing larger issues.

Clairvoyant Reading

30 minutes @ $60.00

Have a pressing question about a situation or life-change? Got a big decision to make? Chiraya Dharma combines her clairvoyant abilities and spiritual guidance to give your personalized reading on whatever life topic you need more clarity on.

Session Details

  • What do you want to manifest? 

  • What patterns, energies or interference needs clearing and healing in your life and relationships? 

  • I have over 30 years experience in helping people transform their personal lives, their relationships and their businesses.

  • Thank you for choosing me to facilitate your sacred inner transformational process.

  • As a Manifesting Mentor and Advanced Energy Healing Practitioner, I am Your Guide to Master the Art of Manifesting while you clean the “junk from the trunk” of your subconscious mind and sort out your highest priorities for a life filled with harmony, satisfaction, and love.

  • Your session will be custom-tailored to your needs and desires.

  • Your private session is strictly confidential.

  • We work on Zoom unless you prefer a phone call.

  • You will be redirected after payment to the page where you can book your session.

  • To pay with Cryptocurrency, please email

  • Payments can also be made via Venmo if you prefer, @chirayadharma.

  • Please consider in advance what old patterns, beliefs, or life challenges you wish to address for clearing and resolution, and/or what you are choosing to manifest into your world.

  • These sessions are very powerful and very proactive.

  • You will learn and integrate skills and knowledge you can utilize to your benefit for your entire life.

  • I look very much forward to working with you.


I have known Chiraya Dharma for a couple of years now. She has helped me in my darkest times when i needed someone's helping hand the most; she helped me heal and make the right choices and also helped me remove most of the skeleton's out of my closet. I will always remain grateful to her and will continue to seek her guidance in the future.
Vedik Shetty
Yogi & IT Professional
Working with Chiraya Dharma helped me create new energetics with my family and friends, and be able to focus clearly on where I’m going in the next steps in life.
Kyra Storojev
Author, Creating Life Contracts
Chiraya Dharma does some mysterious energy work in the two miraculous times she cut my cords, once with an ex, and again when her words took all my back pain away after cutting the parental cords. I was sure that sore pain came from shoveling rocks for hours to create gravel parking, but abracadabra the attachment to pain disappeared.
Peter Hansen
Chiraya Dharma's energy clearings have helped me create and execute needed breakthroughs, gain valuable insights personally and professionally, and find deeper compassion for myself and others. She is a stand for the well being and higher realization of all beings, a devoted servant and student of the infinite universe, and facilitator of collective evolution. I would recommend her as wise council, a coach, teacher, friend and confidant without hesitation.
AJ Lovewins
Photographer & Videographer