Double Rainbow Ranch
6541 N 63rd St, Niwot, CO
Very Close to Boulder | 
Free Parking


What if I want to keep the details of my past personal?
You do not have to share anything from your past. You are not required to share deep personal material in order to benefit from this clearing.

Can I bring my partner / lover / spouse?
• Yes, in fact this is encouraged if they are also open to doing the work! Get the patterns clear so you can feel and see your love with new eyes and perceptions.
• You’ll notice there is a special price for couples, so take advantage of that if you are bringing your mate!

What is provided in the space?
• Water is provided
• Comfortable carpeted floor 
• Blankets
• Pillows, Back Jacks and Chairs
• Free Parking
• A Safe, Cozy Environment for the Healing Work

What Should I Bring?
• Bring a journal and pen you like writing with
• Bring your own water container if you like (optional)

What Should I Wear?
• Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing (recommended but not required)

What If I’m Afraid of Change?
We will be addressing this along with other common fears that arise during the session.

What If I’ve Never Done Energy Work Before?
This energy work is guided directly by your own High Self / Higher Power / Inner Being, so it is safe no matter how experienced you are. It will be safely and lovingly guided and modulated by the part of you that knows everything about you, your past lives, your ancestral lineages and all that you’ve experienced in this lifetime. Your HP/HS has your back entirely! I know how to turn on the faucet of the clearing to ensure it is thorough, effective, and hits the target.

Clearing Sex, Love & Romance Trauma, Karma & Patterns

1:00 PM TO 4:00 PM MST

with Chiraya Dharma

Limited spots available. Please RSVP by registering below to hold your spot.


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