Chiraya Dharma is a Brand Muse, Vibrational Catalyst, Energy Clearing Coach, and Bestselling Author reminding us of our innate heritage of prosperity, well-being and success in our lives and our entrepreneurial / business endeavors.

Her years of service to the community as a producer of conferences, festivals, online summits, and other events has poised Chiraya Dharma to be able to assist visionaries, heart centered entrepreneurs, starseeds, lightworks, healers, luminaries, and thought leaders in preparing a brand that stands out from the crowd, allowing these powerful, enlightened and mission-drive beings to catalyze their deepest calling into dialed in brand assets that speak to the potency of their life’s work and mission.

Chiraya Dharma is also able to communicate with the soul of your business and your own innate wisdom, while assisting you in clearing energetic overlays that have caused repeating unwanted patterns, all in practical, easy to comprehend ways that often lead to instantaneous results of greater clarity, emotional well-being, and inspired guidance for your best next steps.

From years of work in the practical branding, marketing and media world of events, Chiraya has made many people’s careers go to the next level. She knows what it takes and has deep insight to be a brand muse so that each and every client can experience her magic in assisting them in elevating their platform and performing their life’s work with alacrity, clarity, and grace. She is a team player activated to see the better world, the vision of which you share with her and countless others.

Founder of the Anchor the Dream visionary playshop and a suite of compatible workshops, Chiraya Dharma has been teaching and advancing the concept of Reality Creation since 2005. She has taught at and co-produced festivals such as Arise Music Festival, Harmony Festival, One Love Experience, ONE The Event and many others around the country. As founder of the Raw Living Expo and Pure Living Expo and producer of the Harmony Festival Ecovillage in 2008, among other achievements, Chiraya has had a major impact on health and wellness festivals since 2007.

As a Coach and Spiritual Guide, she assists people in seeing clearly the path ahead and recalibrating to their highest divine destiny path with humor, grace and wise, helpful insight. When energy clearing, spiritual healing, and pattern busting are required to get the job done to turn you into the superhero you are meant to be, she brings this with ease and grace.


Chiraya Dharma is a Spiritual Wisdom Keeper, Manifesting Mentor, Advanced Energy Healer, Brand Coach, Speaker, and Bestselling Author. She assists people in remembering how to leverage their innate manifesting superpowers while healing old emotions, clearing outworn patterns, and stepping into their magnificence.

An accomplished and highly valued speaker, Chiraya Dharma has made hundreds of appearances at workshops, broadcasts, online summits, and talks that leave audiences grateful for the authentic truths they get to take home and call their own from then on, as well as powerful and necessary confirmations of their own inner knowing. 

Helping people for over 30 years, her early training includes in-depth study, practice and certifications in numerous methodologies, including Soul Clearing, Unity Chaplain Training, Healing Touch, Forensic Healing, Theta Healing, Reiki, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, and many more.