I have known Chiraya Dharma for a couple of years now. She has helped me in my darkest times when i needed someone's helping hand the most; she helped me heal and make the right choices and also helped me remove most of the skeleton's out of my closet. I will always remain grateful to her and will continue to seek her guidance in the future.
Vedik Shetty
Yogi & IT Professional
Chiraya Dharma’S WORK has been a great blessing to me in the times, when I really needed to dig deep and get to the bottom of things. Chiraya Dharma assisted me with her laser sharp focus to pinpoint the underlying issues, how to clear them fast and also gave me the tools to continue on my own. She is also very knowledgable on twinflame and soulmate relationships, and offered advise on how to work thru some patterns in relationships, by owning all of our own stuff. She is so connected to the field and channels with great ease and fun some of the deeper mysteries of ones origins and purpose in the world. I would recommend Chiraya Dharma to visionaries of the world who are ready to truly align with their mission on the planet and ready to step up to their full potential.
Petra Schuler
Visionary & Energy Healer
Working with Chiraya Dharma helped me create new energetics with my family and friends, and be able to focus clearly on where I’m going in the next steps in life.
Kyra Storojev
Author, Creating Life Contracts
Chiraya Dharma does some mysterious energy work in the two miraculous times she cut my cords, once with an ex, and again when her words took all my back pain away after cutting the parental cords. I was sure that sore pain came from shoveling rocks for hours to create gravel parking, but abracadabra the attachment to pain disappeared.
Peter Hansen
Chiraya Dharma's energy clearings have helped me create and execute needed breakthroughs, gain valuable insights personally and professionally, and find deeper compassion for myself and others. She is a stand for the well being and higher realization of all beings, a devoted servant and student of the infinite universe, and facilitator of collective evolution. I would recommend her as wise council, a coach, teacher, friend and confidant without hesitation.
AJ Lovewins
Photographer & Videographer