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About New Earth Vision Portal

A Large Tent Festival Installation for Personal and Planetary Transformation Workshops

The New Earth Vision Portal was birthed out of The Anchor the Dream Playshop by Chiraya Dharma in 2016. Its first stint was at the Arise Music Festival in 2016, followed by Friend Fest and Tribal Vision Festival that same year. 

The Installation is a tool for grounding in new earth visions while hosting numerous workshops. Typically, the workshops are put on by both the Festival itself and the organizers of the New Earth Vision Portal. 

Generally speaking, we base the 12 sectors of the wheel on the late Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Wheel of Co-creation, or some variation thereof. In 2009, Chiraya Dharma came up with her own version of this same wheel, without realizing there were already other wheel creators out there! There are many ways to slice a pie. 🙂

Each area of the tent “can” have a display based on the sector of the wheel it represents. The Center of the tent represents the Unified Field, or Source Energy, from which all things come and to which all things return. We also typically create an altar somewhere inside the tent, which event participants can help to decorate by bringing personal items to share temporarily or permanently with the altar. 

Folks can relax in between workshops, meditate, rest, draw – we always provide drawing materials – and get to know others in this beautiful, uplifting, visionary space. 

There is no limit to the possibilities for decorating out or upleveling the space, depending on attendee, staff and volunteer participation and budget.

The Anchor the Dream Playshop from which the Portal sprang, is a large group Visionary Stewardship Experience which teaches Reality Creation and Manifesting on behalf of our whole world. The experience can also be applied to Personal, Organizational, and Community Reality Creation and Manifesting.  

In 2016, we manifested a large, 12-sided tent for the installation, which is really cool because it meant we had 12 sides, one for each sector of the Wheel of Co-creation. 

The Portal is focused on providing experiences which help participants create new realities using time-tested reality creation and manifesting techniques – this time, on behalf of all of nature, people and planet!

We ought to leverage our abilities that we are awakening to, as co-creators with Life, to birth new realities for earth based on Harmony, Love, Cohesion, Well-being, and Joy. Healing is available for all and the tools and technologies to bring it forth reside within the essence of the New Earth Vision Portal.

Originating founder, Chiraya Dharma has more than 30 years experience in reality creation, manifesting, energetic healing, and as a workshop facilitator, plus 13 years experience as an Executive Event Producer. 

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New Earth Vision Portal

Enjoy rampages about New Earth Visionary Realities! When we listen in and imagine these new realties being birthed, we are doing our part of co-creating a new dawn and a new day for humanity and earth.

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