Manifest Your Brand Online Course

with Manifesting Mentor & Brand Coach Chiraya Dharma

Where Branding and Business Development
Meet Manifesting and Reality Creation

Learn How To Manifest Your Desires with Chiraya Dharma

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How To Manifest for Your Brand

Facebook Group

Join with like-hearted entrepreneurs in this free facebook group to get access to free resources, recordings, and manifesting insights for your brand.

Manifest Your Brand Online Course

Where Branding and Biz Dev Meet
Manifesting & Reality Creation

Join with like-hearted entrepreneurs in this free facebook group to get access to free resources, recordings, and manifesting insights for your brand.

Who is the Manifest Your Brand Online Course for?


World Changers

Heart Centered Entrepreneurs
Conscious Solopreneurs

Do you have so many awesome business ideas that you get stuck before you get started?

This is a common issue and one that can be overcome, allowing you to finally create a business of your dreams that allows you to live the lifestyle you’ve been desiring for years now.

To ensure you get the success you deserve and desire in creating the business and life of your dreams, I’ve decided to now making my entire professional brand visioning and development process available as an affordable and fun online course!

Designed specifically for visionaries, creative entrepreneurs, healers, solutionaries, and world servers, this course is in the form of a powerful, fun, engaging 6 week online course.

The course blends Manifesting Mastery with Brand Savvy and Business Development Awesomeness 🙂

The 6 modules are power packed with more than 50 lessons, which will assist you in creating:

  1. Your Brand Manifesting Plan
  2. Your Vision Doc
  3. Your Ideal Customer Profile
  4. Your Brand Copy Guidelines
  5. Your Brand Style Guide
  6. Your Brand Communication & Social Media Strategy

What's included?

Get your brand ready for launch with manifesting mojo!

The tools in this course and the professional documents you create in it will keep you motivated, on track, efficient, and effective at spreading the word about your brand, while also giving any providers like graphic designers, web developers, videographers, etcetera, the info they need to keep your brand consistent, fresh, and professional!

Manifest Your Brand: Anchor the Dream of Your Business Online Course is a 6 week program with 50+ lessons, a private facebook group, weekly calls…

This is Professional Brand Development and Business Incubation for Reality Creators, Law of Attraction Fans, and Conscious Entrepreneurs 🙂

Business development and branding combined with reality creation and manifesting… let’s get this party started!

Course Modules