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Double Rainbow Ranch
6541 N 63rd St, Niwot, CO
Very Close to Boulder | 
Free Parking

It's is Timeline Jumping!

The Anchor the Dream Playshop is, basically, timeline jumping. We leverage the power of time-tested manifesting techniques to decide “what we want instead” on the planet, in our governance systems, in our lives, in any area of life that we are passionate about!

Filled with fun and vibrational highs, TATDP contains within it the keys to unlock the mysteries of the Universe. It’s a bold and brave adventure only suited to Lightworkers, Starseeds, Mystics, Transformation Agents and Cosmic Goofballs of the Highest Order, who have the silly idea they can “transform reality from the inside out!”

As one strange mystic has been known to say…

To model the “gift economy” which is a long-standing vision that has been emerging in Anchor the Dreams since 2005, we are giving 30% of net proceeds to the budding service organization, 
OneCorps founded by our friends Nikko Joyce and Erik Lawyer here in Boulder, and another 10% to Bridge House, an org which is currently expanding its ability to assist Colorado residents get off the streets and into homefulness. 🙂 Yay! Go Team! Everyone helps one and we have a home run!

Hope to see you there. Seriously, this is ridiculous amounts of fun, and so powerful people have reported getting healings during the workshop spontaneously because of how powerful it is. 🙂

The Anchor the Dream Playshop!

1:00 PM TO 4:30 PM MST

with Chiraya Dharma

Limited spots available. Please RSVP by registering below to hold your spot.