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with Manfesting Mentor & Brand Coach

Chiraya Dharma

Are you an entrepreneur or creative genius with so many awesome business ideas that you get stuck before you get started?

This is a common issue and one that can be overcome, allowing you to finally create a business of your dreams that allows you to live the lifestyle you’ve been desiring for years now.

To ensure you get the success you deserve and desire in creating the business and life of your dreams, I’ve decided to now making my entire professional brand visioning and development process available as an affordable and fun online course!

Designed specifically for visionaries, creative entrepreneurs, healers, solutionaries, and world servers, this course is in the form of a powerful, fun, engaging 6 week online course.

The course blends Manifesting Mastery with Brand Savvy and Business Development Awesomeness 🙂

The 6 modules are power packed with more than 50 lessons, which will assist you in creating:

  1. Your Brand Manifesting Plan
  2. Your Vision Doc
  3. Your Ideal Customer Profile
  4. Your Brand Copy Guidelines
  5. Your Brand Style Guide
  6. Your Brand Communication & Social Media Strategy

With these powerful, professional tools you will be able to move into your launch and promotional phases with ease, grace, and totally clarity 🙂 

The tools in this course and the professional documents you create in it will keep you motivated, on track, efficient, and effective at spreading the word about your brand, while also giving any providers like graphic designers, web developers, videographers, etcetera, the info they need to keep your brand consistent, fresh, and professional!







You’ll learn how to get super clear on what your brand is all about so you can manifest more specifically and accurately.

Manifest Your Brand: Anchor the Dream of Your Business Online Course is a 6 week program with 50+ lessons, a private facebook group, weekly calls…

This is Professional Brand Development and Business Incubation for Reality Creators, Law of Attraction Fans, and Conscious Entrepreneurs 🙂

Business development and branding combined with reality creation and manifesting… let’s get this party started!


Manifest Your Brand with Ease, Affordability & Support!

Wondering what's in the course?

  • Branding IS Reality Creation (But What the Heck Is Reality Creation?)
  • The Power of Reality Creation and Manifesting for Your Branding Process
  • The Concept of Streamlining and Simplifying Your Business Offerings and Systems So You Can Live the Truly Fulfilled Life of Your Dreams (and not be bogged down in details and overload)
  • Getting Your Money Mindset On Right
  • You: The Conscious, Visionary, Solutionary Entrepreneur or Solopreneur
  • The Power of a Clear Brand Vision
  • WHY Are You Doing This Business? What’s In It for You? What’s In It for Them?
  • The Intersection of Your Purpose and Your Business
  • WHAT are you doing
  • HOW Do You Get Paid? Your Products & Services
    Product / Service Pricing
  • WHEN will you launch
  • Envisioning the Launch Timing Strategy
  • Pulling Together Your Brand Vision Doc
  • Customers, Clients, Readers: Why You Need To Know This Before Moving Forward
  • Primary Customers
  • Secondary Cusomers
  • Tertiary Customers
  • Perfect Customer Avatars & Their Uses
  • Pulling Together Your Perfect Customer Profile
  • Tools To Manifest and Attract Your Perfect Customers
  • Notes on Customer Service
  • Intro To Brand Copy Guidelines
  • Your Brand Name
  • The Hero’s Journey of Your Brand ~ What’s Your Story?
  • Identifying the Spirit and Feeling of Your Brand
  • Your Vision, Mission, Passion and Action Statements
  • Your Three Key Benefits
  • Distilling Your Brand ~ Main Tagline (Unique Service Proposition – USP)
  • Revisiting Your Brand Name ~ Is It Still Correct?
  • Vetting Your Brand Name: Does Someone Already Have It in the Same Category? And what to do if so
  • Intro To Register and Trademarks
  • Pulling Together Your Brand Identity Doc
  • Your Perfect Products and/or Services
  • Your Perfect Brand Colors May Surprise You! (Have Fun with This)
  • Fonts ~ Picking the Fonts that Serve Your Brand
  • The Ins and Outs of Logo Creation
  • Social Media Graphics – What Will You Share
  • Social Media Graphics – Design Them Based On Your Style
  • Pulling Together Your Brand Style Guide
  • Your Brand Communication Strategy
  • Elements of a Fabulous Effective Modern Website that Converts
  • Social Media 1: Picking the Channels that Work for YOU and Your Brand
  • Social Media 2: The Power of Consistency
  • Social Media 3: Creating A Plan That Works for YOU and Your Business
  • Finessing Your Email Marketing
  • Of Parties and Biz Cards: Other Avenues of Promotions and Publicity
  • Pulling Together Your Brand Communication Strategy Document

A Magical Blend of Reality Creation, Branding, and Business Development

Join us for the BETA version of this awesomely magical branding and business course, where you’ll create your Professional Brand Copy Guidelines, your Business Communications Strategy, your personal manifesting plan for your business and your life, and so much more!

Launch Price Good Through October, 2019
Regular Price: $597 



Go at your own pace with support, ease and grace!

  • See full list of Course Lessons and Modules above!


  • WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? Heart Centered, Creative, Social Entrepreneurs; World Servers; Luminaries; Lightworkers; Healers; Solutionaries; and Go Getters who want to blend business and brand savvy with law of attraction and manifesting!


  • Enroll to begin as early as August 15, 2019.


  • You may enroll to begin at any time.


  • Single payment of $297 “Launch Price” and two payments of $197 “Launch Price” are good through October, 2019.


  • After that, the course price will go up. We are determining the final pricing now. It will go up significantly.


  • Course includes four Private Group Coaching calls per month.


  • Get your questions answered about any aspect of the program in the Private Group Calls.


  • We rotate weeks between Manifesting Coaching Calls and Branding / Business Coaching Calls.


  • You will have an opportunity to get your questions answered during the weekly calls about your specific brand creation process.


  • We use ZOOM for the calls, which is user friendly. GET ZOOM FREE. You can hop on via your computer or phone. Computer is recommended so you can see the screen. This will be important. But if you have to hop on via phone, you can do that, too.


  • We recommend hopping on early and adding your questions to the chat box in ZOOM, which is the order we will go in to respond to questions.


  • If you don’t get your question answered during the weekly call, you may also post your questions in the Facebook group at any time.


  • If someone has had a lot of questions responded to in any given call, we reserve the right to help others first in the next call if necessary based on demand. Thanks for understanding this, we want to give everyone a fair chance to get their direct questions answered during the calls.


  • Course also includes a Private Facebook Group which is checked and responded to at least once daily during week days.


  • The Course has 54 Lessons in 6 Modules.


  • Lessons will unlock as you go.


  • Modules will unlock weekly for 6 weeks.


  • You can go at your own pace.


  • Lessons include a variety of media including: Video, Teaching Audios, Downloadable PDFs, Guided Visualization Audios, Imagery, and more.


  • You will retain access to the Course once purchased.

  • EARN WHILE YOU LEARN! You will receive a 15% referral gift for any purchases from friends, family and colleagues who wish to participate in the course. BETA: Tell folks to put your name into the registration form! COMING SOON: Full Affiliate System!


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