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Hold the Field :)

The feeling tones of humanity’s awakening fluctuate like birth pangs of the joyful mother. While our world is recalibrating itself by necessity, all of the old is rearing its head for final completion.

Our job as Visionary Stewards is to “hold the field” of the highest love and harmony we can imagine and feel. 

As we continue to practice this daily in concert with the God of Our Understanding as our Guide and Guardian, we align our particles with the Most High. 

It is no small thing to hold such a field of integrity and highest love, envisioning and feeling the highest outcome for humanity and the earth! It takes diligence, practice, and a willingness to hop into the good vibrations on purpose, on a regular basis.

This is the Tempering of the Sword, and Practice Makes Perfect.

Worry not for the wobbles, just wobble back into alignment as gracefully as possible. What makes you happy? What helps you feel fulfilled? What do you love to do? Have  you played in your garden lately? 

We can wobble back into place by doing the things we love and by placing our focus on the simple goodness of life. The simplicity of this practice may seem elusive however, as we learn to hold the tensile strength of the field of love and well-being, we are sharing an energetic signature to all the world stating, we love you! All is well! Don’t give up! Feel the blessings!

And this has more impact than we can imagine from our current vantage point.

So there you have it. We love you! All is well! Don’t give up! Feel the blessings!

And so it is.

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