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What Do You Value Most?

We become attached to so many preferences and constructs of mind. This happens so subtly over time, that we hardly even notice. It gets to the point where, our attachments to things being a certain way, and our beliefs that we prefer something more than another thing, impinge on our genuine sensibilities. 

For example, would you rather be surrounded by knowledgeable experts, or people who practice the presence of happiness and peace?

Would you rather have vast wealth, or a peaceful mind? 

Do you want to be admired for your expertise, or appreciated for how much joy you bring to others by simply being?

Would you prefer to be right, or presently pleasant and liberated from conditions of mind? 

From our ordinary waking consciousness, our values may be different than from the unconditioned awareness that arises without ceasing.

When we are able to achieve the state of the unconditioned awareness, time stops and peace “is.”

But how do we get to this unconditioned awareness? Ironically, it is through the experience of awareness of our conditioned awareness. 

When the pressure and tension created by conditioned awareness, needs and preferences exceeds the desire for the condition to exist, a collapse of the ordinary mind can finally occur. This is the moment when we self-examine, self-correct, and let go.

As the conditioned mind empties out through awareness practices, we liberate ourselves from all manner of suffering.

Having unworthy desires creates suffering in the mind. Because we’re striving for them and attached to achieving that experience, our mind kicks up a dust storm of thoughts related to attempting to achieve the desire, or reasons why the desire has not been achieved. Anyone or anything that seems to be the cause for the obstruction of the desire’s immediate realization becomes the enemy. And enmity is fighting against the self, because there is only one of us here.

Practicing the presence, liberating the mind, and achieving the unconditioned awareness is attainable by all. It simply requires we desire this more than the suffering of our ordinary samsaric thoughts and desires.

In the cauldron of transformaton that is this primordial effervescent eternal awareness, all these obscurations can be seen, felt, allowed, and dissolved, back into the nothing from which they came.

Never give up on yourself! my early teacher once proclaimed. Though the reservoir of conditioned thought from past compounded momentum is great, we overcome it like draining the swamp of our mind through our willingness and self reflection. Ask and you shall receive.

Do you want to continue to cling to the need to achieve what you think you want? Or do you want to experience everlasting peace? 

It doesn’t mean your desires won’t be fulfilled. But they will be more enjoyable as we realize they are temporary and fleeting enjoyments rather than permanent realities. The only thing permanent that is achievable is this everlasting peace. 

May we all remember our true identity.

In peaceful presence,

Chiraya Dharma

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