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What Is Advanced Energy Clearing?

Advanced Energy Clearing is a process that I have developed ever since I was a child and includes over 30 years of experience helping others clear the patterns that haunt and taunt them. It allows people to be free of old dynamics, habits, negative encounters repeating themselves, and other unwanted circumstances. In this article, I’ll share more about exactly what it is, and why it works to give you a new lease on life so you can live your dreams.

There are many modalities that fall under the category of energy clearing. Basically what we are up to with this meta-process is the deletion of data from the subconscious mind. If that sounds heady, a simpler way to say it is that we have old programs inside of us which need to be cleaned out. It’s sort of like clearing the cache or deleting old files on a computer.

The reason we need to do this is that if we don’t, those old patterns and negative thought forms can run our lives. We have been endowed with many gifts from our Inner Spirit or Source or God (whichever word works for you is wonderful). These gifts include awareness, deletion, guidance, choice, imagination, word, feeling, and action. There are many more gifts but this is a starter course on why and how the patterns programmed in the subconscious might be causing trouble.

Because of who YOU are, you manifest experience based on what is in your consciousness. This is all-inclusive consciousness, including your subconscious. The subconscious mind has junk in the trunk that you don’t know about. Where did it come from? It might have come from your ancestors and their tendencies of thought passed on to your relatives and parents. It might have come from another might have also come from your cultural conditioning and you’re early childhood upbringing. It may even have come from what we call an alternate timeline lifetime that you are living in another dimension. It might have come from your soul level. Wherever it came from, a pattern that you are experiencing that is causing suffering is there because of one of these levels of conditioning. sometimes it is there because of multiple levels of conditioning. But that is part of what we do in the spiritual detective work that lets us know what needs to be cleared.

Once you know what needs to be cleared, then it is a fairly simple process of getting it done. Sometimes the detective work needed to find out what needs to be cleared is the hardest part. In other cases, people have what we call morbid attachments to things that are not really useful to them but they’re still attached to them. For example, if you have a pattern of dating people who consistently don’t fit the bill of your desired mate in some way, there may be a pattern underlying this series of attractions to the wrong person. so finding out what that pattern is and then deleting it will help you to be able to think and feel and act in new ways that will allow you to now attract or as some people call it, manifest what you want instead.

While those patterns are still roaming around in the subconscious mind, they are going to have a power that is more potent than what you are saying in your conscious mind. You may also be having a pattern of conscious thinking and you can control your thoughts to a certain degree. But when something gets into the subconscious which by nature means your hidden consciousness, then, this is where the detective work and clearing come in.

there may be drained degrees is suffering around patterns. The individual concerned may not know why the pattern keeps repeating, and this in itself can be confusing and cause suffering. You can lead people to believe that they are less than adequate, or unlucky, or undeserving of business. None of this is true. Those are also patterns of beliefs that get overlaid on top of the other patterns. Just imagine if you experienced a negative pattern for enough repetition, you may start to believe one of those things. You may start to believe you don’t deserve the goodness you want. That is just something that you made up. It’s not the truth of you. The trees of you is you are beautiful innocent whole and complete, deserving of every good thing now and evermore. however, if you don’t believe that, you may not as easily manifest your desires. So sometimes in advanced energy clearing what we have to do is unpeel the layers of the onion of patterns on top of patterns intermixed with the beliefs, thought-forms, fears, and judgments against the self or others in order to finally get to the bottom of things and clear the pattern entirely.

It’s a pretty logical thing once you understand what’s going on. Advanced energy clearing is something that I have developed ever since I was a child. at age 7, I remember knowing intuitively to energetically rake a comb through my aura before bed. This acted as a way to cleanse any negative thought-forms out of my field. We can pick up negative thought-forms from the others around us. And then if we allow them to stick, they imprint us and become our thought forms and can land in the subconscious if those thoughts are repeated often enough. So basically, I’ve been doing this work in some form or another since a young age. Subsequently has a late teenager and in my early twenties, in the 80s, I was taking many trainings, including everything from soul clearing to Healing Touch to other styles of energy work and shamanic work, participating in sweat lodges, and other modalities of healing. Eventually, I also went on to become a Reiki Master, got loads of certifications, and studied numerous modalities such as Theta Healing, Forensic Healing, Ho’opono’pono, and Ancestral Lineage Clearing. I eventually became a Traditional Thai Yoga Massage practitioner as well. This practice is the energy medicine piece of the Traditional Thai healing system. Simultaneously, I was also being pulsed by the inner planes Guides with information and knowledge that I was given directly. This includes Advanced Energy Healing techniques. This is just a part of who I am and the gifts that I have to bring to the planet. 

I have put it all together now into a system that helps people to clear these patterns quickly and easily. with the help of the guides and the spirit within our source, I am grateful to be able to be at assistance in helping people move through the many layers of consciousness with Grace and ease. I also prefer to teach people how to do the clearing themselves so as my clients come along in any given session, they are in fact learning about how this works. Power to the people! It is our Divine right and heritage to be able to delete what is no longer serving us out of our subconscious mind. 

You do not have to keep holding on to what does not serve you. You have the right to create the life that you love and desire. And you have the right to be whole, happy and well. Advanced energy clearing is, in fact, a way to help you with that creation. It is a part of what we call the recalibrations

The Recalibrations Process given to me by Divine Mother Consciousness goes like this – Attune, Align, Dissolve, Design. When you Attune to Spirit/Source/God/Love (pick your word) and then align to your purpose at hand and your original Source Blueprint, and then dissolve all the thought forms and beliefs in the way of what you want to create, then you can design your way forward using advanced manifesting techniques and controlling your own thoughts. This is all part of your heritage and birthright. My job is to help you remember this birthright and help you get to manifesting the life you are here to live including sharing your gifts and living your life purpose on Earth at this potent time.

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