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This Circle is an event of Chiraya Dharma's private ministry to help subscribers navigate challenges arising during this time period on the planet.

The Circle empowers us all to create an experience of heaven on earth! During this special time together, you'll enjoy a loving and cozy circle of friends to practice Energy Clearing, Manifesting Skills and a powerful, effective Guided Meditation and Reality Creation Transmission with Chiraya Dharma.

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Hello, and welcome to my website. Life is a profound spiritual journey. In this modern day, we need tools and insights which will help us navigate the depths of our heart and soar to the heights of our spirit. All of my books, audio and video transmissions and events are an offering of love and true support on our mission homeward, so we can enjoy the ride even more as we aspire higher!

~ Chiraya Dharma

Fall In Love with the Beloved Within

Could it be that the true love we seek has been within us all along? How do we tap into it, bypassing conditioning that has us seeking all we desire outside ourselves? Discover the spiritual secrets hidden in plain sight that help you know the Source is within you. Develop patience with yourself and others as you learn to ride the waves of spiritual union through deep comprehension, self mastery, the cultivation of compassion, and the exhilaration of lasting inner satisfaction.

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Learn how to manifest your desires in life, business, at work, and in all your relationships. We have the opportunity to create life with the Highest Harmony. We are here to live life on purpose and feel authentic fulfillment. This is what I’m about. I want you to have that.

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