Imagine Your World.

What does the world of your dreams look like, feel like? Can you imagine harmony, love, peace, Divine Order, joy prevailing as the foundational energy humanity lifts off from? Can you imagine a world in which we enjoy clean air, pure water and healthy, rich soil producing delicious organic foods with plenty for all? Can you imagine experiencing robust vitality and physical stamina throughout life and into your later years?

Your power of imagination is potent to bring forward these experiences.

Use it. 🙂

Tune In.

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Could it be that the true love we seek has been within us all along? How do we tap into it, bypassing conditioning that has us seeking all we desire outside ourselves? Discover the spiritual secrets hidden in plain sight that help you know the Source is within you. Develop patience with yourself and others as you learn to ride the waves of spiritual union through deep comprehension, self mastery, the cultivation of compassion, and the exhilaration of lasting inner satisfaction.

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Exercises from Fall In Love with the Beloved Within

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