How To Harmonize Your Life & Your World

Make the Switch!

What does the world of your dreams look like, feel like? Can you imagine harmony, love, peace, Divine Order, joy prevailing as the foundational energy humanity lifts off from? Can you imagine a world in which we enjoy clean air, pure water and healthy, rich soil producing delicious organic foods with plenty for all? Can you imagine experiencing robust vitality and physical stamina throughout life and into your later years?

Your power of imagination in union with the Great Source of All Life and Love is potent to align us with these upleveled realities. As we move through the cleansing phase of planetary realignment, may we each be blessed to continue to return our remembrance to this Divine Source Connection and Eternal Love daily!

Let’s hold these beautiful visions of a harmonious world together, sending love to all our human family, the animals and plants, and Mother Earth. 

The time is now for a culmination of positive, powerful prayer reuniting humanity as a spiritual family! Let’s envision this daily.

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Work with Chiraya Dharma

Energy Clearing and Manifesting are two sides of the same coin. Comprehending how they work together as part of the Great Law Aback All Things leads to spiritual growth, awakening, and greater capacity to live life on purpose, with grace.

Combine a personalized Clairvoyant Reading with an Energy Clearing and Power Manifesting Session to see clearly the path ahead, move beyond patterns in the way, and create your life on purpose.

Feel like life is opening a whole new set of possibilities for you?

Ready to move beyond the fray and stress of the past two years?

Chiraya Dharma combines her 30+ years as a clairvoyant healer and guide to assist you in clearing out the old energies of 2020-2021 so you can birth forth the desires which have been brewing inside you for something new and enlivening!

Bring your powerful hopes, dreams and visions forward while clearing the junk that has revealed itself over these last two years – and maybe a lifetime!

We are so READY to step forth into a whole new day in 2022 and beyond!

All Sessions are:

  • Strictly confidential
  • Custom-tailored to your needs

and include: 

  • Powerful clearings, healings, training and guidance for immediate and ongoing positive shifts


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Golden Threads of Wisdom

Please enjoy these interviews on universal spiritual wisdom 🙂 Sometimes I’m the interviewer and other times I’m the interviewee. 

Why Manifest, Study and Heal
with Chiraya Dharma?

Chiraya Dharma is an author and wisdom guide with 30+ years of energy clearing & healing experience combined with Master Facilitator skills and a suite of manifesting technologies for co-creating the new earth. She has been practicing advanced clairvoyant energetic clearing and healing techniques since age 7. Her training and practice officially began over 30 years ago in her twenties. She is the author of numerous books on various aspects of spiritual growth, and energetic healing and the recalibrations process. As an executive producer and master facilitator, she has decades of experience leading workshops, events, meetings, energy healings, manifestation classes, podcasts, and more. She offers all in service for the awakening and healing of humanity and the earth.

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And All Is Well

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Living in the New Now

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True Love?

Could it be that the true love we seek has been within us all along? How do we tap into it, bypassing conditioning that has us seeking all we desire outside ourselves? Discover the spiritual secrets hidden in plain sight that help you know the Source is within you. Develop patience with yourself and others as you learn to ride the waves of spiritual union through deep comprehension, self mastery, the cultivation of compassion, and the exhilaration of lasting inner satisfaction.

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